Veritas Forum Essay Contest

Veritas Forum Essay Contest 2016

The Veritas Forum is pleased to announce a new prize for the Augustine Collective article that best extends the theme of the Forum on your campus. Our mission is to help students and faculty ask life’s hardest questions and to explore the relevance of Jesus Christ to answer those questions. Our hope is that the questions asked in each Forum would reverberate throughout the university in the weeks and months that follow, via follow-up events, dorm room discussions and of course student journal articles. The Veritas Forum will award $1,000 to the student journal and $300 to the author of the article, essay or interview that most effectively engages with the content of the Forum. Consideration criteria will emphasize the most thoughtful, intellectually rigorous and effectively written piece, regardless of whether it ‘agrees’ or ‘disagrees’ with any particular speaker or position. Pieces published in 2016 will be eligible for consideration and the winner will be announced at at the 2017 Augustine Collective Retreat.

The deadline is December 31st. To submit a piece for consideration, please email